The first thing a person may think about when traveling is the idea of trunk space and cargo room. The Toyota Tundra has a large space in the cab that would make storing and transporting many bags and items easier. The GM Avalanche and the GM Sierra may also be trucks with lots of space in the trunk. If a person is worried about storing their items out in the open, there are cab covers that can be purchased and installed over any cab bed. Traveling may also have a parent wondering about backseat room and leg space. Chrysler makes a van called the Town and Country which has road trips in mind. It has a feature that allows the chairs to swivel and face each other. That can allow for four people to move their rotating chairs around for the purpose of stretching out, socializing and playing games. Chrysler also makes vans where the seats in the back rotate backwards. That option can be ideal for anyone who has children or adults who would like to adjust their seat incline while they travel. Great for sleeping, and for just getting comfortable during a long trip. Moon roofs can provide ample comfort and lighting to anyone on a long road venture. Nissan has created a minivan that includes a long moon roof. The glass opening stretches right into the backseat so that both adults and kids can enjoy the extra lighting.

Space in the inside of the vehicle for storage is also an important feature to consider. It could be wise to find a vehicle with lots of cup room for storing cups and snacks. Openings and sliding trays can help to provide storage needed for supplies. People in both the front and the back should have lots of leg room and storage options for keeping their belongings safe. If pets are going to travel along with the family, then parents may want to consider a hatch back or an SUV. A model where the pet can be properly contained but still have enough space may be ideal for both the animal and the owner. There are different options to consider when planning out a vacation with a vehicle. When a family enjoys taking long excursions, they may want to ensure that the vehicle they pick has all of the options and features that are desired. Some people may choose a van and SUV or a car as their vehicle of choice. Each model and style will offer its own perks and advantages for traveling. Customers can take into consideration if kids will be coming along, pets and the jeep wrangler covers with mirror pockets.

Automotive Essentials – How to Protect Your Car With a Car Cover

Protecting it to ensure that it lasts as long as possible and stays looking like new should be a top priority. But not everyone is fortunate enough to have a garage or carport to keep his or her car, truck, SUV, or van protected while it’s parked. If you’re not protecting your car from damaging elements like rain, snow, sun, bird droppings, or tree sap then you’re neglecting your vehicle. One of the easiest ways to ensure that your vehicle is always protected is by using a car cover. Many people don’t realize that car covers are not only available for cars. Many companies create and sell truck covers, SUV covers, and van covers in addition to car covers. This form of protection is a small investment to make for the level of protection you receive. Auto covers come in many different types, sizes, cuts, and prices and each one protects differently. Multi-layer one’s provide the most protection while single-layer one’s are great for vehicles that are often stored indoors. Waterproof one’s are typically manufactured with ultrasonically welded seams to prevent moisture from penetrating the barrier. Reflective one’s are a great option for vehicles in desert regions that see a lot of sun.

For people who have spent lots of money on their vehicles, you might want to consider purchasing a custom-fit auto cover from a company like Covercraft. Custom auto covers are manufactured to a vehicle’s exact specifications. If your budget doesn’t allow for the higher prices associated with custom vehicle covers, consider a semi-custom vehicle cover. Semi-custom vehicle covers are less expensive than custom-fit vehicle covers but still offer the same great protection while sacrificing fit slightly. Finally, if you’re looking for a truly inexpensive solution, consider a universal or ready-fit auto cover. Universal ready-fit auto covers are typically “one size fits all” so you might experience pooling around the base of your vehicle. But at the end of the day, even a universal ready-fit car cover is better than no car cover at all. So no matter what type of element you’re trying to protect against, one thing is certain. Investing in a car cover, truck cover, SUV cover, or van cover is an easy and affordable way to begin protecting your vehicle from the damaging elements it’s exposed to every day. Curtis Phillips is an automotive industry veteran and the current VP of Sales for Select Covers. Select Covers owns and operates a network of online stores including which is a leading online retailer of custom and semi-custom car covers, truck covers, SUV covers, and van covers.

The Benefits of Truck Seat Covers

Many vehicle owners wait many years before they purchase a new vehicle. If you have owned your vehicle for many years, and you have not yet updated the interior of your vehicle, it is likely that you will be interested in new truck seat covers. They are a perfect addition for all vehicles that have stains and unwanted holes in their upholstery.

Worn-out vehicles may still run perfectly, but after time, through the years they can become faded and worn. For this reason, seat covers are usually the best additions anyone can add to their vehicle in order to improve its appearance and comfort. You should know that covers for the seats in your car are also incredibly affordable, because they are manufactured for consumers who cannot afford new vehicles but still wish to improve the looks and condition of the vehicles they currently own. Covers for the seats may seem like a fairly basic product to purchase today, but you should still know that there are a variety of covers on the market right now. Also, the type of vehicle you are driving can easily affect the type of covers you need to purchase. The specific model you are driving will certainly affect the type of covers you need to buy. You should also understand that the year your car was made can affect the type of covers you need to purchase as well. To make the process of buying seat covers even more confusing, your front seats will likely need different covers than your back seats. If you do not have backseats in your vehicle, you are in luck, because you will be able to purchase your covers for half the price you would have to pay if your vehicle had a full set of seats.

As long as you keep in mind the fact that the year and model of your vehicle will change the type of covers you need to purchase, you will certainly buy covers that will perfectly fit your vehicle. There are other factors you may want to take into account before you make a purchase though. The style of the covers you purchase may be one of the most important aspects of the product you buy. Many hunters feel that the camouflage covers on the market today are particularly suitable for their vehicles. If you are a car owner looking for covers that will make your vehicle appear refined and clean though, you may want to purchase some of the nicer covers on the market today, like neoprene seat covers. Obviously, there is an abundance of seat covers on the market today. So, no matter what type of car you may have, or what kind of desires you may hold for your seat cover purchase, you will certainly be able to find products that will suit your car. As long as you keep in mind the specific model and year of your truck, as well as the fact that there are many design styles on the market today, you will not only purchase covers that match your particular car, but you will also purchase truck seat covers that will fit your truck’s seats perfectly.

Truck seats can take a pounding through the years, and whether you have an older model or a newer model, truck seat covers can protect your seats so they will always look brand new. Truck seats take an amazing amount of damage from the sun and weather. There is rarely tinting on all the windows and because of the proximity to the windows, sun fading and damage can really take it’s toll. Protect your truck seats with seat covers and avoid that faded cracked look of many older model trucks. Also, trucks take a beating due to the dirt and mud that is often brought into the vehicle due to heavy work or farm work. This dirt and grime will eventually deteriorate the seating material making holes, or worn spots, especially if the driver often has the same thing in their pockets. You can find a wide assortment of covers to include bench seats, captain’s chairs, or just high backed bucket seats. Usually made a bit more durable than car seat covers they may cost just a tad more but the heavier material is worth it. Of course you can also find leather seat covers as well as sheepskin truck seat covers.

Just as with cars, truck seat covers can come with a variety of matching accessories including steering wheel covers, shift lever covers and with trucks, matching floor mats and even mud flaps all in a matching design. These types of matching truck accessories often come with your favorite character such as Yosemite Sam, Looney Toons, and a variety of other rough and fun characters. Enjoy finding the truck seat covers that go with the personality of you and your truck. Some of the best variety for your truck covers is going to be found online. Just make sure that you are adding in shipping and handling to the seat covers to get a comparable price. You’ll find a wide assortment as well as costs when it comes to your seat covers for trucks, so purchase the best quality you can afford. Often your seat covers for trucks will wear out and you will have to replace them, just think what would happen to your actual seating material if you didn’t have the covers on. It’s easy to find custom truck seat covers as well, especially if you take few minutes looking online. You may find them at your truck dealer site or at any of the popular car and truck supply sites.

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